The scheme proposes several small-scale design interventions to create a sequence of events that amplifies livability in the square. These episodic moments include a suspended canopy that extends the farmers market into Roman Square, a figural gate with restaurant frontage to the inner residential block, and a vertical garden wall—the latter providing landscape and ecological services in an otherwise hard-surfaced public space. The main visual element of the square is a topographic excavation of the western edge, revealing the 13th century cellars. These cellars are ubiquitous in the city center; however, their presences are hidden from view and remain inaccessible to residents and visitors. The proposal provides a unique opportunity to bring the preservation of the city’s cellars to the forefront as a catalyst for regeneration. Instead of new construction, the proposal utilizes incremental developments and latent assets to reunite disjointed functions within the square.


City of Brno, Czech Republic

AuthorMatthew Petty
Categoriespark plan